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Made In Philly 6

Monica Thompson

Did I mention I was from Philly? Lately I’ve been stepping out my comfort zones. Going out more, emailing more people, in some peoples dm’s trying to get my brand out there. Honestly I’m still clarifying what that is. This past weekend was an example of that. Every year I make gowns and dresses for women in the city of Philadelphia to go this major event called Made In Philly presented by MBA Player Dion Waiters. So this year I decided I wanted to go, make my own dress of course but also network, socialize and write a blog about...

Summit 21 Conference 2019

Monica Thompson

Summit 21 was Epic and I was Epic with it!   Sometimes I really surprise myself with how good I am with networking at some of these events I go to. This year I went to Summit 21 in Atlanta, GA by myself. This was my first time at the conference and I must say, I was amazed. Every once in a while I find myself in a room full of people who look like me and think like me and every time I am flabbergasted by the beauty of it all. And yes, I’ve been looking for a reason...

Prom Queens 2019

Monica Thompson

Whew! I officially sent 100 girls off to Prom   Every year I’m amazed by the girls and families that reach out to me to be a part of there special day. Let’s face it, prom is a big deal now maybe just as big as their wedding. Think about it, your parents invite your family and friends to come see you off on prom. They cook, clean and decorate for this major event to celebrate you and your last year or years of high school and graduation. You get your hair and make up done, buy shoes and jewelry...

A Very Extra Easter

Monica Thompson

Year 2 Pomoting The Philadelphia Easter Promenade was crazy!   First let me start off by saying I’m so grateful to get the opportunity every year to be such a big part of this major event in my hometown and in my business district. The Easter Promenade happens every year on Easter Sunday on South Street. I, as a South Street business owner and Fashion Designer (OXYMORON FASHION HOUSE) get to promote it in the media/tv news/radio every year and judge the fashion contest for best dressed with other local celebrities. This year was much more media coverage then last...

Figure Out Your Life Before you Buy This Dress

Monica Thompson

Lol well not your life but at least figure out the night your trying to have in this beautiful look. Do you want to be comfortable or snatched? Are you going for Sexy future wife or Stunning Boss Woman vibes? You should think about these things before hitting purchase button on the wrong thing. Some nights when you are going to an event with your man you want to dress to the nines to make sure his eyes are only on you. Other nights when you might be hosting or talking at an event you want to wear what makes...