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Prom Queens 2019

Monica Thompson

Whew! I officially sent 100 girls off to Prom


Every year I’m amazed by the girls and families that reach out to me to be a part of there special day. Let’s face it, prom is a big deal now maybe just as big as their wedding. Think about it, your parents invite your family and friends to come see you off on prom. They cook, clean and decorate for this major event to celebrate you and your last year or years of high school and graduation. You get your hair and make up done, buy shoes and jewelry and the star of the show is you and this dress. This grand entrance is everything and it’s even planned out down to the song you walk out to. The moment you walk out you want your parents to cry and you want your friends to scream in excitement and you chose me to make that moment special. You choose a Monica Monique Gown.


This year was amazing. I had online orders from all over the USA from Missouri to New York, from Detroit to Florida. I’m always to grateful to share these moments with all my girls and get the pictures and videos back from the event. Let us not forget all my Philadelphia girls that either walk into my store and find me or who were referred from a past prom queen.

Check out some of my favorites below!!


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