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Figure Out Your Life Before you Buy This Dress

Monica Thompson

Lol well not your life but at least figure out the night your trying to have in this beautiful look. Do you want to be comfortable or snatched? Are you going for Sexy future wife or Stunning Boss Woman vibes? You should think about these things before hitting purchase button on the wrong thing. Some nights when you are going to an event with your man you want to dress to the nines to make sure his eyes are only on you. Other nights when you might be hosting or talking at an event you want to wear what makes you feel confident and strong and give off Olivia Pope energy.

When you know the kind of night you want to have you then and only then can start shopping. Have fun and plan the look out from outfit to hair and makeup. Usually when I’m going to brunch with the girls I want to look fashionable, playful and show off my great legs. However, when I speak for career day at a high school or college I want to look like the girl boss you want to be or have. Each event you go to you should show off the legend that you are.


Okay now you can click away!!


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