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Made In Philly 6

Monica Thompson

Did I mention I was from Philly?

Lately I’ve been stepping out my comfort zones. Going out more, emailing more people, in some peoples dm’s trying to get my brand out there. Honestly I’m still clarifying what that is. This past weekend was an example of that. Every year I make gowns and dresses for women in the city of Philadelphia to go this major event called Made In Philly presented by MBA Player Dion Waiters. So this year I decided I wanted to go, make my own dress of course but also network, socialize and write a blog about it.


Of course my favorite clients are last minute and had me busy the week of the event with new orders and alterations. While my fashion interns were helping sew the last minute details on my dress I was making and altering 11 dresses and gowns for my clients. The night of the event went well, I networked, spoke to strangers and took pictures of some of the looks that stood out to me (see below). I loved the fact that men really dress to the nines for this event. They get there blazers tailored, custom made and/or just search for the perfect look to stand out. The women at this event showed up for the crowd too, with some wearing glitter and others having full trails of fabric flowing from their gown, most came with the red carpet look in mind (maybe half, just saying). All in all, the crowd dressed well and it was a great night out.


Takeaway Fashion Tips from the Event

  1. If you’re getting your dress from Fashion Nova or some online store. Please get it tailored to fit your body properly and/or change some detail in the design so it’s not so common ( I wanted to say basic but…). Plus, nobody wants to be wearing the same dress as anyone else.

  2. Nobody is looking for your train/trail on your gown, if it gets stepped on, don’t get mad and loud. It was an honest mistake, she didn’t mean it, keep it moving. We’re all trying to have a good time.

  3. Men, Please get these suits either tailored or in your correct size. Too big is not in, not for the pants or the blazer. You all did well for the most part but some of you reminded me of throwback pimp style.

  4. Don’t take fashion too seriously, some of you were so worried about your shoes, accessories and outfit so much prior to event that you didn’t even go. Smh… Appearance isn’t everything, we as adults, don’t have many opportunities to dress up like prom and have a good time. So just goooo , relax and enjoy!

    (P.s. most girls didn’t even keep their $700 shoes on for 20 minutes)


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